Positive Discipline Workshop

As we already know “children do not come with the manual” and what we think would be easy to solve, it becomes a challenge when we decide to raise in love and respect because parents must re-educate us and learn new ways to guide our children.

Positive Discipline is a philosophy of parenting based on mutual respect between parents and children and based on the balance between kindness and firmness as an educational pillar.

Through our methodology of experiential exercises, you can enter the world of your child, which will allow you to discover many answers to the questions you ask yourself daily: Why does it behave like this? How many times must I repeat something to you to understand? Why does he love to do just what he knows he can not do?

Our workshops are fun and practical because you learn through experience and what other parents share, just like you have the same challenges. Parenting puts the dads in the same boat, let’s never forget!

The goal of this workshop is to teach effective, practical and respectful skills to educate healthy, happy, safe, cooperative and empathetic children, and in turn, enjoy this task in your role as a parent or caretaker.

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