Make A Positive Discipline Routine As Your Bestfriend

The following example describes how to put together a positive discipline routine for bedtime, but the procedure is applicable to any routine of the day. Tell your child that together they will do a bedtime routine and that this will help them to organize and avoid conflicts and delays.

Take a leaf and a pen and ask the child what he needs to do to get ready to go to sleep. Your little one will start to share things like: watching TV, putting on my pajamas, playing games for a while, brushing my teeth, drinking my milk, reading a story, etc, etc …

Without pretending to establish an order, the child is sharing you. If the little one says something inappropriate that at your discretion is not part of the routine, do not put it and briefly explain why that would not get into the routine.

Once you have all the steps (check that there are no more than 5 or 6 actions), you tell them that now they will put a logical order and together they begin to enumerate actions, eg: 1) watch a little TV, 2) take a bath, 3) dine or drink milk, 4) brush your teeth, 5) put on your pajamas, 6) read a story and sleep!

Now that they already have an ordered list, it is exported to a graphics format so that it can be viewed in a fun and useful way, such as a poster board. You can represent the steps of the routine through drawings, magazine clippings, pictures taken from the internet or printed photos of your own child doing the actions! But remember that whatever the medium, you must involve the child in creating his routine and ask him where he wants to put it to keep a healthy routine.

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